We’re all racist?

on February 23, 2010 in Politics

In documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, the Daily Express has revealed that Labour’s policy of mass imigration was expected to raise strong opposition, but that the government decided to ignore the racist views of the voters.

Whether the views of the voters are racist or (as I believe to be the case) not, this government seems to forget that it was elected to represent the voters, not to dictate to them, another sign that Labour has been in power too long and should be kicked out at the earliest opportunity.

I strongly believe that there is a streak of xenophobia that runs through British society (I suspect that it is the same in all cultures) but there is also a huge streak of fair play that overcomes it.

We express reservations when a new wave of migrants comes here, but given a short time in which they prove that they are willing to work and contribute to society, for most people, those reservations evaporate. This has pretty much held true throughout the centuries until recently when political correctness has raised it’s ugly head.

The PC brigade try to bypass the natural acceptance process by making the newcomers more equal by laying down laws to make sure that impose quotas for everyone but the majority. In the short term these policies might actually work, but the policy itself is racist and far more dangerously,  in the long term, breeds resentment in the population who now consider themselves to be the ones being treated unfairly.  It also leads those that get the PC benefits into a culture of separation, they don’t want to consider themselves British because then they wouldn’t get the favourable treatment.

We’ve no axe to grind against the majority of legal immigrants and on the whole they are treated with respect, but surely we have the right to expect an equal respect from those entering the country and a right to say, this is our country, these are our rules.

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  1. Me Again says:

    Well said Monks. Couldn’t agree more.

  2. hydrxatne says:

    Another earthquake…this sucks, I hope the people of chile are ok.

  3. hydrtone rws says:

    as far as revenue goes, how does chile and haiti compare

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