Arrival in Melbourne

on December 15, 2009 in Australia, Photos, Wot I Did on My Holidays

Arrived in Melbourne after a short flight from Sydney, managed to find our way out of the airport and for convenience got a taxi to the Bayview on the Park hotel.

When we booked, it had said twin/double room, which I had taken to mean one or the other. The reality was that it meant our room had twin double beds, possibly the most comfortable bed Ive ever slept in with the thickest pillows I’ve ever used!! (I was tempted to buy a suitcase to smuggle a couple of them out.)

The view out over Albert Park and the Melbourne Grand Prix circuit would have been great was it not obscured by trees, so we decided to perambulate along St Kilda beach and back along the “famous” Fitzroy Street (Judging by the number of bars and nghtclubs along here I’d guess infamous is more likely)

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  1. Taliesin71 says:

    Glad you approve, just thought I’d let you know that I finally exhausted the first set of batteries this morning!!!! Not bad considering my last camera ate a pair of batteries a day whether I took photos or not

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