Overcoming the Stiffness

on September 11, 2011 in Outdoor Activities

Bright and cool morning, so I’ve decided to get the bike out. Had a day off yesterday but my legs got progressively stiffer as the day went on. Better to keep moving I suppose.

Took my regular weekend route along the canal to Slattocks, but this time followed a bit further and then took the country lanes around the back of Stake Hill Industrial Estate and up to Tandle Hills Country Park.

Eventually, the canal towpath will be part of National Cycle Route 66, but at the moment after Slattocks it seems to be a selection of cobbles, unpaved sections and granite chippings, none of which are too pleasant to ride.

The lanes up to Tandle Hills are mostly unpaved with odd sections of chippings, but at least you’re expecting the going to be tough and apart form the odd “why am I doing this?” moment as I battled up a hill covered in chippings the route isn’t too bad.

Coming out past Tandle Hills park I got onto Tandlewood Park which in hindsight may have been a mistake. The gradient got the better of me and I had to push for about a hundred yards.

After that the brief climb up Oldham Road was a doddle and then a rapid descent down the other side to get back home.

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