Under Pressure

on August 29, 2011 in Outdoor Activities

When I got the bike out on Thursday, the back wheel was a little flat, so I topped the air up and made my way to work, the tyre stayed up to work and back, but obviously it needed investigation.

Saturday morning the tyre is completely flat, time to put the puncture repair kit to good use.

First hurdle, the set of spanners I bought has smaller and larger sizes but not the one I actually need for the wheel nuts and the “spanner” provided with the bike won’t shift them 🙁

Quick trip to B&Q sorts that out and armed with a rudimentary knowledge I fumble my way through the process, however I can’t find the cause of the micro-puncture.

Quick jaunt along the canal again and everything seems fine…

This morning, come out at 4:30am to set off for work and the back wheel is flat again, guess I’ll have to do it all again this afternoon, till then I’m gonna have to use the car as a backup 🙁

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