Alternative Fascist League

on March 21, 2010 in Politics

No suprise that police made dozens of arrests at the English Defence League demonstration  in Bolton yesteday, what does suprise me however, is that the police have admitted that the majority of arrests were from the anti-fascist demonstrators.

Ever since the Oldham Riots, I’ve suspected that the Anti-Fascist League (AFL), Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and similar groups are more dangerous (physically) than the people they are protesting about. My understanding of the situation in Oldham was that protesters turned up to confront a BNP rally that was rumoured to be taking place but when the BNP failed to arrive they got on with the rioting anyway!!

As with the BNP, the English Defence League’s (EDL) motives are open to interpretation. They say that they are not bothered about race, are non-political and non-violent but are concerned about the rise in radical Islam throughout this country. How you wish to take that is up to you.

What is clear though is that these high profile anti-fascist groups are thoroughly and violently against the freedom of speech (unless of course it agrees with their views). This is a right that the anti crowd would have you believe that they are defending.  They have an equal right to demonstrate against the views of the EDL, but the way these evendts descend into violence is a worrying trend.

If Nick Griffin’s accusations are true about the political financing of these groups then I would call on those parties to hold an urgent review of what is essentially the funding of terrorism.

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