Happy Ever Afters

on March 14, 2010 in Film and TV

This was my third free screening in just over a week, an Irish wedding comedy.

The story follows the wedding day of two couples who happen to have booked the same hotel for their reception. Freddie is marrying for the second time to the same girl and Maura having dodged marriage for 30 years is marrying for enough money to keep a roof over her’s and her daughter’s heads.

Both couples stumble from disaster to disaster, with a psycho father-in-law, a missing bride and  the immigration service featuring prominently, eventually the two marriage parties are forced together by Maura’s daughter.

This is a film that had huge potential, unfortunatly it never meets it. The action is funny in places, but once you’ve laughed there’s nothing to take it up another notch and the storyline isn’t strong enough to satisfy in the gaps. Since you already know what the ending of the film is going to be from the moment the oposing bride and groom set eyes on each other there’s no suprises either.

All in all, the film was OK, but I wouldn’t pay cinema prices to see it.

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