on February 7, 2010 in Politics

Parliament seems surprised that the expenses scandal is still an issue, after all they’ve told us they’ll behave better in the future!!!!

The fact that the rules (and they haven’t yet been changed) are so lax that only four MPs are currently going to be charged over the scandal seems to be unimportant to those still standing by the trough.

It makes sense to me that MPs need a second home close to parliament in order to do their job and that to allow MPs from all walks of life, they should be able to claim expenses for it (not choose the most profitable one to claim on).

The point is, however, that home doesn’t have to be a mansion in Kensington, it doesn’t have to be furnished with antiques and it doesn’t need a 72″ plasma TV to keep them up to date with the news.

Instead of second home expenses, we need to pay a fixed allowance based on running a reasonably affordable home in the area, then the MP can choose whether they want to spend their own cash to improve on that or if they really want to, live more frugally and pocket the savings.

I don’t see why MPs can’t employ their relatives (I’m sure most wives/husbands work to help their partners anyway) but wage levels need to be set centrally and audited to check that the jobs that are paid for are being carried out.

Until we see hard and fast rules in place to stop abuse of the expenses system though, this topic is going to rumble on and on and on and…

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  1. Itchy Widgie says:

    The nerve of these bounders!!!!!!!! The very impudence!!!!!!!!!

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