What Recession?

on January 31, 2010 in Politics

Years ago when I wasted some time at university I took out one of those student loan things (well beer doesn’t come cheap you know) and basically, I don’t need to pay anything back until I’m earning above the average wage.

Last year that came to £2161 a month (just under £26k a year). Now, with the recession and everything, I assumed that there wouldn’t be much difference, in fact with all the fat cat bankers and money launderers going out of business maybe the threshold would come down.

Anyway, deferment time is rapidly approaching, so I went online to check where I stood (I’ve never earned above the average wage so far, but sometimes I get a month, with overtime, which would put me above the monthly limit so I try to make sure I don’t get one of those in the three wage slips they assess me on)

To my suprise, despite times being hard the average wage has gone up to £27k, around £100 a month more than it was last year (a 4% rise).

With a lot of perople at the lower end of the scale feeling the pinch and being told there’s no money in the pot for wage rises, I wonder who it is that is raking it in…

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