Let it Snow (Well Maybe Not)

on January 8, 2010 in Wot I Did on My Holidays
Sunrise at Heathrow

Sunrise at Heathrow

Arrived back in England early yesterday morning expecting the whole world to have frozen solid. Had a bit of a problem starting the car after a month stood idle (the car that is) and a couple of weeks of cold weather but apart from that and a minor delay at Heathrow no issues getting around.

I was also expecting to be freezing my wotnots off, but only got round to putting a fleece on when I went to shovel the snow drift from the doors of my garage.

Flying up from Heathrow was to see the countryside at it’s best, the snow having cleaned the landscape to it’s bare essentials, the Pennines especially had almost Lake District grandeur instead of the usual view of bumpy muddy-green moorland we’re used to.

4 Responses to “Let it Snow (Well Maybe Not)”

  1. Oh make your mind up Judas.

    You CLEETUS. Don’t have the nerve to start complimenting ‘my’ country now after slagging it off at any opportunity you get. The rest of us don’t need telling how majestic England is thanks Judas.

    Well and truly UP YOURS MONKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Taliesin71 says:

    As I have pointed out on so many occasions, “your country” is as fictional as Narnia, only loosely based on the real world.

    It just goes to show how insecure your delusions are that you’ve chosen to see every comment as “slagging off” when very rarely have I made any disparaging comment about England on these pages.

    England isn’t perfect, I doubt there is anywhere in this plane of existance that is, and where I see these imperfections, I’ll be sure to let you know, but until I do GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY CARROLL!!!

  3. Here we go again same lame line as ever. Iain, sorry Bruce, sorry Judas – just because you repeat something ad nauseum doesn’t make it true. You dress up in fantasy clothes – not me.

    And true to form, now you are back in the country you are back tracking and worming your way out of slagging ‘my’ country off. It’s all really sad Judas. Australia won’t have you and England clearly doesn’t need your sort. Where do go from here?

    Just think, if you had been born 200 years ago you would have been chuffed cos blokes like you got free passage to Mulletsville and more importantly I wouldn’t have to endure your pitiful waffle.

    Good day.

  4. Taliesin71 says:

    “You dress up in fantasy clothes – not me.”

    Fantasy is the exact word Carroll, I don’t mistake it for reality

    as for ” just because you repeat something ad nauseum doesn’t make it true”

    I think you need to go stand in a corner and have a word with yoursel, you repeatedly accuse me of slagging off England, yet with all the conversation over the last month in full view here, there is no evidence to back your claim up except for a point I made about ferel scrotes (which don’t exist in your delusions)

    Quite frankly Carroll, if you put half as much effort into upholding the culture and herritage of this country as you do bleating on about it, the country would be a better place (and closer to your imagined England).

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