on September 6, 2011 in Outdoor Activities

At work today I noticed an advert on the Internet for some Double Fighter tyres, so when I got home I went on line to order them. Not in the local Halfords store and I didn’t fancy waiting so I opted to pick them up from Oldham.

Weather was terrible, traffic (thanks to all the work on the Metrolink extension) was even worse.

Got there only to be told that they didn’t have any in stock!!!

Cue irate customer mode.

Pimply sales assistant turned pale and scurried off to find someone to hide behind. So I ended up being offered a different set of tyres (Travel Contact) at half price (bringing the cost down to the same as the ones I was looking at) and two free inner tubes. 😀

Got them home to find they’re also kevlar lined, so hopefully even less chance of punctures 😀

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