Wheely Happy

on September 7, 2011 in Outdoor Activities

As an addendum to yesterday’s post

Pretty much as soon as I got home yesterday (maybe a quick brew first), I changed the original knobbly tyres for the new set I’d bought.

Took me a while, the Slime I’d put into the inner tubes made it more difficult to release the pressure (which I suppose is the point) and the new tyres are a lot more rigid than the old ones so harder to get on to the rims.

At 80psi, they also take longer to pump up (luckily the rain held off long enough for me to get everything sorted.

This morning was the first chance to try them out. I’d been told that a more slick tyre would make pedalling easier, but I was suprised how much. The two hills that have consistantly defeated me are no more. It may not be quick or elegant uphill, but I’ve now got to and from work without the need to push the bike and it now takes 25-30 minutes rather than 30-35 😀

Are these the best tyres ever? No idea. But I can tell you they are miles better than the ones that came with the bike and even if you pay full price they are affordable. If the kevlar works as well as advertised, then just the lack of punctures will offset some of the price.

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