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Well Halfords claim it’s “Reserve and Collect”, unfortunately yet again computer says yes, store says no!!!

Wanted a cheap stand so I could try to sort out the gears, drove down to the Rochdale store this time, only to find the store unable to find the stock it has advertised.

If you’re going to offer this sort of service at least make sure you have a decent level of stock accountability. Once I can understand, but this is the third time my reserved items have been out of stock!

Ended up having to hoist the back end of the bike up using a washing line 🙁

With my gears slipping last time I used my bike I need to do some work on the bike. Found some handy videos on youTube, so I’m going to add them here for my own reference



Well it wasn’t that bad really…

Last night, I checked the weather on the BBC website before getting ready to leave work (since I’m in an office with no view of the outside world). According to the 24 hour forecast the skies were clear and would remain so all night and for the following day.

So I pack my waterproofs away and set off through the mill to the exit, only to find it pouring down outside!!!

A quick change and I’m all set, but WTF, how can the weather forecast of current conditions be wrong, don’t they supply weather men with windows either?

Braved the elements yesterday, on the way there it was perfect, the wind didn’t harass me and got to work in 25 minutes.

On the way back though, wind was in my face all the way home (whichever direction I was riding!??) felt like really hard work at times especially as I battled uphill. Got home feeling absolutely shattered to find that despite everything I’d done the journey in 25 minutes that direction as well. 😀

Today looks like I’m going to get wet. Was about to write “but at least there’s no wind” But as I look out the window the trees are starting to sway. 🙁

Oh well…

Chickened out yesterday as the remains of Hurricane Katia passed, still windy today but I’d better give it a try…

Wish me luck

Bright and cool morning, so I’ve decided to get the bike out. Had a day off yesterday but my legs got progressively stiffer as the day went on. Better to keep moving I suppose.

Took my regular weekend route along the canal to Slattocks, but this time followed a bit further and then took the country lanes around the back of Stake Hill Industrial Estate and up to Tandle Hills Country Park.

Eventually, the canal towpath will be part of National Cycle Route 66, but at the moment after Slattocks it seems to be a selection of cobbles, unpaved sections and granite chippings, none of which are too pleasant to ride.

The lanes up to Tandle Hills are mostly unpaved with odd sections of chippings, but at least you’re expecting the going to be tough and apart form the odd “why am I doing this?” moment as I battled up a hill covered in chippings the route isn’t too bad.

Coming out past Tandle Hills park I got onto Tandlewood Park which in hindsight may have been a mistake. The gradient got the better of me and I had to push for about a hundred yards.

After that the brief climb up Oldham Road was a doddle and then a rapid descent down the other side to get back home.

As an addendum to yesterday’s post

Pretty much as soon as I got home yesterday (maybe a quick brew first), I changed the original knobbly tyres for the new set I’d bought.

Took me a while, the Slime I’d put into the inner tubes made it more difficult to release the pressure (which I suppose is the point) and the new tyres are a lot more rigid than the old ones so harder to get on to the rims.

At 80psi, they also take longer to pump up (luckily the rain held off long enough for me to get everything sorted.

This morning was the first chance to try them out. I’d been told that a more slick tyre would make pedalling easier, but I was suprised how much. The two hills that have consistantly defeated me are no more. It may not be quick or elegant uphill, but I’ve now got to and from work without the need to push the bike and it now takes 25-30 minutes rather than 30-35 😀

Are these the best tyres ever? No idea. But I can tell you they are miles better than the ones that came with the bike and even if you pay full price they are affordable. If the kevlar works as well as advertised, then just the lack of punctures will offset some of the price.

Felt great after the 12 miles on Friday, but that combined with the 14 hour shift made the ride home yesterday extremely hard work. The time spent pushing had increased again.

Another 14 hour shift today, I can’t face cycling, so back to the car for the day.

Second puncture sorted, traveled to work and back yesterday with only the usual problems caused by lack of fitness.

Came to get the bike out this morning and the tyre was flat yet again. Since there’s now 3 punctures in a line there must be something causing it…

The puncture was in the middle of the  tyre side of the inner tube, but when I ran my fingers round there’s nothing there. So in desperation I turned the tyre inside out and there it was…

A thorn in the tread of the tyre, which only pokeds through when pressure was put on it!!!

So third puncture fixed, offending thorn removed and some Slime added to the inner tube to seal any new ones, I’m off down the canal in the opposite direction, not sure where I’ll end up.


When I got the bike out on Thursday, the back wheel was a little flat, so I topped the air up and made my way to work, the tyre stayed up to work and back, but obviously it needed investigation.

Saturday morning the tyre is completely flat, time to put the puncture repair kit to good use.

First hurdle, the set of spanners I bought has smaller and larger sizes but not the one I actually need for the wheel nuts and the “spanner” provided with the bike won’t shift them 🙁

Quick trip to B&Q sorts that out and armed with a rudimentary knowledge I fumble my way through the process, however I can’t find the cause of the micro-puncture.

Quick jaunt along the canal again and everything seems fine…

This morning, come out at 4:30am to set off for work and the back wheel is flat again, guess I’ll have to do it all again this afternoon, till then I’m gonna have to use the car as a backup 🙁