First Steps

on August 19, 2011 in Outdoor Activities

Put the bike together last night, so this morning I’m taking the plunge and making my first journey to work.

How hard could it be? I used to ride for miles when I was a kid.

I’d allowed an hour to get to work, about a 4 mile journey by car I elected to take a slightly longer but flatter route to work.

By the end of the street my legs were on fire, but at least I’d managed to get the infernal thing going in a straight line. The downhill bit was easy, but the first climb to the beginning of the country lane winded me within seconds!

Oh well, push the bike for a little bit and on to the flat lane. No problem until I come to one of those weird barriers they put up, only way through was to get off and push the bike through on it’s back wheel.

The next bit looked perfectly flat to me, however the bike (and my legs) obviously didn’t think so. After a couple of stops I made it to a nice downhill stretch, I knew there was a hill at the other side, but build up a bit of speed and hopefully I could get a start on it.

Oh no, some sadist has decided to put another gate right at the bottom of the dip forcing cyclists to get off and start the climb from a standstill 🙁

I ended up walking most of the way to work, pushing the bike and took an hour and a half 🙁

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