Electric Babysitter

on March 28, 2010 in Opinion

The Sunday Express leads today with FAMILIES HIT BY BBC ‘FILTH’ warning that children as young as five can access sex and violence through internet services such as iPlayer.

The article goes on to demand that children should be protected. Personally, I think that they are targetting the wrong people…

Children should be protected from post-watershed content, but it is the role of their parents to supervise and control what their children view. Just like the TV before it, computers shouldn’t be used as electric babysitters, keeping the kids quiet so that the adults can ignore them.

Shockingly, 3% of children between the ages of five and seven have a internet connected computer in their bedrooms, no doubt to go with their TV, DVD-player and shelf full of video nasties!

These people would probably be the first to complain that they can’t let their children play out for fear of them getting abducted, yet they are more than happy to leave them to roam the occasionally seedy world of the web without a second thought.

Any responsible parent makes sure that the PC is in a visible place where they can cast a weather eye on what their child is doing until such an age that they can be trusted to be cautious and at least semi-responsible.

Why do we allow these feckless parents to dodge their duties whilst insisting that everyone else should pick up the slack?

4 Responses to “Electric Babysitter”

  1. Serena Gascoigne says:

    It’s clear to me that you’re not safe to be left looking after a dog never mind cherrubikins children – bless all their little innocent hearts!

    And what in Gods name is a ‘weather eye’? I shudder to think.

  2. Backdoor Bertie says:

    And you never got to look at your older brothers grot magazinges???

  3. Serena Gascoigne says:

    Backdoor Bertie? I really do hope you’ve made that name up and it’s not actually your real name.

  4. Deann Antoine says:

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