Blocked Arterials

on March 22, 2010 in Opinion

How many billions of pounds are lost to the economy each year due to road-works?

Why does nobody take any notice of the way our arterial roads are constantly clogged with the cholesterol of cones?

Road-works themselves may be a necessary evil, but as you pass mile after mile of cones with a 50mph speed limit, how much of it is actually necessary.

The national speed limit on even a single carriageway is 60mph, so why do cones on the motorway inevitably lead to a 50mph speed limit for the whole section?

I’m all for slowing down for the safety of those working, but let’s just slow things down for 100 yards or so that they are actually working on and raise the limit again once the danger has passed.

Going up to Edinburgh and back this weekend I must have passed miles of cones at 50mph and only one small section needed the restriction. In fact road widening on the A1 had a bank, ditch and half a field between the slow moving traffic (policed by average speed cameras) and the nearest workman!!!

By removing the restrictions when unnecessary it will also make things safer for those working as drivers will know that the reduced speed limits are there for a reason and so will be less likely to ignore them.

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  1. Petrina Mincer says:

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  2. Chung Cortis says:

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  3. Get A Grip says:

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  4. A Sumner says:

    Get a grip, I don’t think comments like that are helpful.

  5. A Sumner says:

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  6. Backdoor Bertie says:

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  7. Serena Gascoigne says:

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  8. Backdoor Bertie says:

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  9. PC A Wright says:

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  10. Backdoor Bertie says:

    @ PC A Wright

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