And it still took three years!!!

on January 12, 2010 in Opinion

An illegal-immigrant, Javid Iqbal,  residing in Bolton has finally been found guilty of rape, a reason for Police to celebrate you would think.

However, despite having a description and DNA evidence, this crook managed to elude them.

Three months later the victim even managed to supply them with the registration of his vehicle (after spotting her attacker in another part of town).

Of course, the vehicle might not have been registered, so maybe the Police were still struggling to find the perpetrator.

Three years later, they just happen to stop Javid’s vehicle, in the course of an investigation into illegal street trading and link it (and him) to the earlier rape.

According to the Police, “It must have been galling for the victim to see him a second time going about his business, but thankfully she was able to make a note of his registration which was key to us identifying Iqbal.”

All well and good, but the vehicle in question wasn’t exactly common place…

Had the vehicle been a red Ford Escort, maybe they could be excused the long delay in tracking it down, but it was infact an ice-cream van!!! Surely it doesn’t take much to letpatrol cars know to check registration plates on this sort of highly visible vehicle, what were the Police waiting for, the victim to supply them with the name, address and phone number of her attacker?

I can only hope that there aren’t more victims of this scumbag who could have been saved if the Police weren’t so incompetent.

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