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Darling Harbour 12DEC09

Trip to Darling Harbour

St Kilda 15DEC09

This bayside suburb is now one of the main tourist destinations and is renowned for its picturesque bayside setting, close proximity to the city, beaches, music venues, restaurants and cafe lifestyle.

Melbourne 16&17DEC09

Whereas Sydney is bold and brassy, Melbourne is conservative and refined and has an elegance that appeals to most visitors.

Old Melbourne Gaol 16DEC09

Modelled on Pentonville Prison, the Melbourne Jail was built in 1841 and used up until 1924 The Gaol was the setting for 135 hangings, including Ned Kelly.

Nelson Bay 19&20DEC09

Popular holiday destination for those living in Sydney, day 1 was spent on the beach at Fingal Bay, Day 2 a dolphin cruise in the main bay.

Harley Tour 21DEC09

A tour through the Blue Mountains on the back of Harley Davidsons

Featherdale Wildlife Park 22DEC09

One of Australia's largest private collections of native wildlife

WildlifeWorld 23DEC09

The largest variety of Australian wildlife under one roof, right in the heart of Sydney at Darling Harbour

Sydney Aquarium 23DEC09

As the world’s largest island, Australia has tropical seas to the north and icy currents to the south of the continent. Australia is also renowned as the world’s driest inhabited continent, where inland rivers in drought conditions may simply consist of a chain of billabongs, or temporary pools of quiet water. Sydney Aquarium is dedicated to presenting the unique aquatic life of some of these habitats to highlight their ecological importance and the necessity of conserving them for the future.

Parramatta to Circular Quay 28DEC09

A ferry trip down the Parramatta River (the furthest reaches of Sydney Harbour) down to Circular Quay

Blue Mountains & Mount Tomah Botanic Garden 30DEC09

Set on the summit of a basalt-capped peak, the Garden is home to over 5,000 species of plants displayed by geographic origin.

Walkabout 01JAN10

A guided bushwalk off the mapped routes visiting ancient aboriginal sites. http://www.bluemountainswalkabout.com

Manly 03JAN10

A trip out to Manly so that Sheldon can experience his Christmas present

Zig Zag Railway 04JAN10

Built in the 1860s to connect the eastern plains of New South Wales to Sydney, the steep slopes meant a zig-zag series of descents were needed to enable the trains of the day to navigate the mountains

Echo Point 04Jan10

Possibly the best views in the Blue Mountains

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