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on August 15, 2012 in Hardware
Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Got a 16gb version of this new tablet last week. I worked on the principle that Google wouldn’t put their name to it if it wasn’t capable of showing their OS at it’s best.

So far everything seems great, design is sleek and all the apps seem to run effortlessly, even using it at work as well as home, I’m getting a couple of days out of the battery (unless I’m streaming movies on it)

GPS apps pick my location up effortlessly even when inside.

So intuitive even my other half has managed to use it with a minimum of swearing.

Very few apps pre-installed, allowing you to customise it to your own tastes very quickly through Google Play.

Using the Chrome browser at home means all my bookmarks are available on my tablet as well.

You have to connect to wifi first time, but I couldn’t find the mac address to allow it to bypass the filtering on my router until after I’d got it connected. (after that no problems connecting at home or at work)
No storage expansion slot
Only one camera which is on the screen side, so not much use for taking pictures (or reading barcodes which would be handy at work)

Price £159 or £199 depending on the memory
£15 credit on Google play
Ease of use
Battery Life

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