Give me a G…

on December 30, 2012 in Software


Transferring computers has always been a problematic process, making sure all your data is copied over is probably the biggest issue.

So with a new PC and the resolution to do away with pirated software, it was time to move my e-mails from Outlook to Thunderbird. Seemed like a good idea to start with, I had thought of purchasing office, but the home edition has 3 licences but doesn’t have outlook (probably the part of Office I use most at home) and the version that does have Outlook costs much more and only allows one licence!!!

I tried several solutions from the web to transfer the data but each failed miserably until I came to the Gmail solution. You can access Gmail through IMAP, a protocol available to both Outlook and Thunderbird, so add the account to Outlook, create a folder for my e-mails and drag and drop them across.

Fire up Thunderbird on the new PC and using the same settings the e-mails are now available from the Cloud. Up to you whether you want to copy them across or leave them in Google’s care.

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