Planet 51

on April 2, 2010 in Film and TV

Astronaut Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker is on a mission to boldly go where no man has gone before, the supposedly uninhabited Planet 51, so he is rather suprised to find himself in a small town in 50’s America, with one important difference, the residents are green.

Being the era of sci-fi B movies, the residents of Glipforg are terrified by the prospect of being turned into zombies by alien invaders of which Chick is their first real example. With the aid of Lem and his friends and space probe Rover, Chuck has to get back to his ship within 74 hours or be stranded on this distant planet.

This animation is obviously aimed at the younger generation, and the storyline and style will keep kids enthralled for the duration. But hiding in the background is a humour that adults will understand and kids won’t. Just the thing to keep the adults entralled as well.

If your a fan of sci-fi, then there are plenty of references to classic movies, from the alienesque dog Ripley who pees acid to the handbook on what to do if your town is attacked by a 50-foot woman. The film follows the B-movie cliche with the obvious twist that the human is the “alien” on this world, faced with the shoot em first, ask questions later mentality of the inhabitants.

If you have kids then buy this movie, if you haven’t then borrow some first.

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  1. Backdoor Bertie says:

    “If you have kids then buy this movie, if you haven’t then borrow some first.”

    There are laws to protect innocent children from freaks like you, and condoning it on your website. tut tut.

    You make me sick.

  2. Taliesin71 says:

    That’s a terrible affliction you have there.

    Were you born without a sense of humour or did you lose it in an accident?

  3. Backdoor Bertie says:

    Affliction??? You are the devient here.

    And yes, I did have a bad car accident 3 years ago, but the only thing I lsot was my left leg.

  4. Serena Gascoigne says:

    What has all this got to do with gerbils?

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