And another thing…

on January 12, 2010 in Opinion

After yesterday’s rant about gritting…

Up until recently, our road used to get gritted in cold weather, then a couple of years ago it stopped. I don’t like it, but since it isn’t a main road I can understand that the council’s priorities are elsewhere.

So, with councils across the UK being ordered to cut their gritting by 25%, and our council in particular complaining that the stocks are critically low and that the government has hijacked the extra grit they’d ordered, what happens?

I get home last night to find our road has unexpectedly been gritted!!!

While personally I’m happy, I’m also dumbfounded as to why Rochdale Council suddenly think they have grit to spare. I can only assume that some bean-counter has found some down the back of the sofa and they want to get rid of it before anyone else notices.

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