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I’ve been expecting a parcel for the last few days, not a big deal but if I could get hold of it before I went away it’d be handy.

Since I’d be gone before the post was due, I thought I’d try the local delivery office see if they could snag my post for me before the postman set off. Unfortunatly the phone number for the office only gives you a voicemail, so I went down in person.

The amorphous blob on the front desk (the eponimous subject of this rant) started going on about having to look through hundreds of lorries to try and find one small parcel and how it was more than his jobs worth!!!

Since he wouldn’t get a manager for me, I left.

Luckily one of the postmen was coming out at the time, so I explained my situation and he nipped back inside to get me a manager.

He looked about 15 (guess I’m getting old), but was more than happy to check the round and get me my parcel. So a big thanks to the two that helped me, but to the the tw*t on the desk – I hope your next shit is an epileptic hedgehog!!!

* Insert your own vowel

faceblockedAfter 3 days and 2 e-mails, facebook have still not confirmed why they have disabled my account, or replied with any information!

I personally think it is completely unethical to treat customers in this fashion, not giving them the right to respond to any allegations or to give the opportunity to rectify any issues that may have caused the account to be disabled.

After accepting a handout from the treasury to keep them afloat, the idea that bonuses to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s bankers should be increased is ludicrous. Far from receiving profits from their failures they should be glad to still have a job.

Since the bank is now 70% owned by the government, all bonuses should be stopped until such time as the bank can buy itself back and anyone planning to jump ship should be warned that no references will be given.

As for the directors’ threats to quit en-mass, they should be given their marching orders, hopefully no other bank will be willing to employ this bunch of failures.

faceblockedTried to log into facebook this morning only to find that my account has been disabled!!!

Since I haven’t been abusing anyone I can only assume it is because they don’t accept Taliesin Seventyone as a real name, despite the fact I’ve been using it for the last 10 years.

Under UK law you can use any name that you wish so long as there is no intention to mislead, since more people now know me by my pen name than my real one, who is being deceived??